As a compliment to our range of textile garments, we offer high quality textile based badges, from Jacquard woven to machine embroidered to the traditional hand embroidered metal wire "bullion" badges.

Woven badges, using the same latest technology Jacquard looms as for our tie fabric, then cut to shape, mounted and the edges overlocked. Provides excellent detail and quality for low costs. i.e. for a minimum order of 75 badges, the all in cost on this would be 2.55 each. ( illustrated badge is 3" square )

Machine embroidered badges, from 10-100,000+ units and can be done in larger sizes. Price depends on the number of stitches in the design. ( illustrated badge is 5.5" X 1.75" )

Hand embroidered "wire" badges. The classic "Blazer badge", provides an unmistakable, high quality finishing touch. Quantities from 1 badge upwards. The pictured badge would be 6.50 each for 25. ( illustrated badge is 4" diameter )

Prices are dependent on size and design complexity.
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